In a place where lives are cheap, love comes at a price. Maria is a bright, attractive and happy 16 year old living in Tijuana, Mexico. On the outskirts of her happy existence lies a city under siege, a melting pot where cultures clash and warring drug cartels rule, a criminal underworld of gangsters who worship self-made unholy saints.

Maria befriends Antonio, a popular and sporty boy in her school, and they soon become lovers. Maria's world is turned upside down when Antonio suddenly leaves without trace. She despairs of finding him in a community where men disappear constantly, where there is a violent, bloody war and Tijuana is on the front line. In the midst of this mayhem, Maria finds herself at the centre of a hit and run murder trial as a witness. Bit by bit, her left descends into chaos.

She falls out with her friends and argues with her parents as she tries to fight for justice and the freedom of choice. She carries on her search for Antonio even though she is pursued and threatened from all sides and she quickly discovers how few people she can trust. She realises that those closest to her could be her greatest antagonists, possibly even her parents. But her will is strong and she deflects those who mislead her until eventually her belief is rewarded. She finds Antonio - along with her destiny.