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In a place where lives are cheap, love comes at a price. La Santa Muerte, which is set in Tijuana, Mexico, is my debut novel.


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I worked in New York as a designer in the fashion industry and have travelled widely through America, South America and Asia.


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Writing can be a very lonely business so join me on my journey and see what I'm up to by catching up with my blog.



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La Santa Muerte

Maria is a bright, attractive and happy 16 year old living in Tijuana, Mexico. On the outskirts of her happy existence lies a city under siege, a melting pot where cultures clash and warring drug cartels rule, a criminal underworld of gangsters who worship self-made unholy saints.

Maria befriends Antonio, a popular and sporty boy in her school, and they soon become lovers. Maria's world is turned upside down when Antonio suddenly leaves without trace. She despairs of finding him in a community where men disappear constantly, where there is a violent,bloody war and Tijuana is the front line.

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